1. Free books for data science
  2. 18 must read books for Data Scientists
  3. Top 10 jupyter notebook tutorials for ML and data science
  4. Literature surveys, reviews and tutorials on ML
  5. Research papers and books for ML
  6. Kaggle kernels to study
  7. Resources to learn Deep Learning
  8. ML github colah
  9. Most important Deep Learning research papers
  10. Applied AI and ML
  11. No-math tutorials on Data Science
  12. What did I learn by implementing a classifier from scratch in python?
  13. What did I learn from Deep Learning summer school?
  14. A neural network in 11 lines of python
  15. Mining twitter data with python
  16. Visualize a neural network
  17. A complete tutorial on tree based modeling from scratch
  18. Complete guide to Parameter tuning in XG-boost
  19. How much did it rain? Winner’s interview
  20. What is time series forecasting?
  21. Probability Cheat Sheet
  22. Best blogs about data
  23. Learn Data analysis with Python
  24. Kaggle kernels in R for aspiring data scientist
  25. * A full course in ML – pdf notes

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